Randy Cook has been interested in sports cars since his high school days in Florida. His first car was an English Ford followed by an Alfa Romeo. Beginning in the late 60s and continuing to the present, he has raced SAABs, Volvos and Triumphs with SCCA and several vintage groups and worked races as a flagger, tech inspector and timer. After retiring from federal service as a criminal investigator he moved to the birthplace of post WWII sports car racing, Watkins Glen, NY where he volunteered at the International Motor Racing Research Center and got caught up in the historical aspect of sports car racing. Almost 20 years ago he purchased his Chevy powered 1959 Ferrari PF Coupe and since then has found himself having to answer the often asked question, why would anyone put a Chevy engine in a Ferrari. Randy lives in Tallahassee, FL and travels to races and shows all over the Eastern U.S.